Logo Dutchclub mannetje CMYK The Dutch Club is for all children between the ages of 7 and 12 with an international background who would like to practice the Dutch language in everyday situations. These children become familiar with the Dutch language in a playful manner, hereby increasing their self-confidence. Together with parents and child we will decide to work with a theme and/or to focus on specific aspects of the Dutch language (reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary and listening). Read more..

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The Basisclub is for all elementary school children who could use some extra help with their schoolwork. In the Club, children can work on their self-confidence, work mentality, homework, and any gaps in their basic knowledge of any chosen subject. We use acknowledged learning methods and educational games. At the Basisclub we approach children in a positive and personal way, providing for an optimal learning environment for children. Read more..


I would definitely recommend the Dutch Summer Week to other children, especially for children who do not often speak Dutch at home. In a safe and comfortable environment, within a small group, the kids enjoy practicing their Dutch. The Summer Week provides for the perfect balance of learning and fun! My daughters would have loved to attend another Summer Week.

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