About us

Christine van de Poll

I like to challenge children in an energetic and positive way, while also creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere at the Basisclub. We use educational games, which ensures that your children have fun while learning at the Basisclub.

My goal is to help children improving their learning process by increasing both their confidence and basic knowledge. I have studied Psychology and I have worked in a commercial organization for 12 years. Futhermore, I am a mother of three children. 

E-mail: christine@basisclub.nl
Tel: 06-12124034

Jessie Mooij

Working with children is my passion. I have a Master’s degree in Educational and Pedagogical Sciences and have 10 years of experience with assisting children with various backgrounds and /or special needs: learning disabilities, ASS, AD(H)D, et cetera.

A positive approach towards learning is very important to me, and I keep myself updated on new methods and developments. Every child is unique and I am convinced that children benefit from a personal and positive approach. Since Februari 2018 I am a mother.

E-mail: jessie@basisclub.nl


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