The Basis Club is for all elementary school children who could use some extra help with their schoolwork. In the Club, children can work on their self-confidence, work mentality, homework, or basic knowledge of any chosen subject.

During an afternoon at the Basisclub we aim both at developing the learning process and increasing the self-confidence of primary school children. We start the afternoon with a bit of relaxation after school. Then, we take a personal moment to look at the tasks to be done that day, after which your child works on his/her personal learning program. Whenever your child finishes an assignment, we revise it together. This style of learning ensures that a child learns from his mistakes and realises the extent of his abilities. If possible, children are paired to help each other and to practise together. Enough variety (on the computer, with educational games and on worksheets) makes it fun to learn.

At the Basisclub children can als do their homework. They can practise for exams and we explain the subjects whenever necessary. We help children to develop their planning and organizing skills and let them discover which way of learning suits them best. All these “homework skills” are an added value for the rest of the school career of your child. Moreover, students learn how to deal with “homework struggles”. Success experiences ensure that pupils get more confident and become ánd stay motivated.

kids skil plaatje engels

Dutch Club tiny aqua

Although international children have Dutch lessons at school, often parents have expressed their concern of the lack of opportunity to actually practice Dutch in everyday life. But not anymore: we have opened the Dutch Club! At the Dutch Club, our aim is to support children’s Dutch learning and language development. It is our main objective for children not just to improve their daily Dutch but also to improve their self-confidence in speaking Dutch, by doing all kinds of fun activities – and it’s all in Dutch! Read more..

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