Dutch Club Theme Meetings

Dutch Club Theme Meetings tiny orange

We organize meetings intended for children with an international background (primary school age) who live in the Netherlands. Every meeting we have a ‘theme of the day’. The words we learn, the games we play and the activities we do, revolve around this theme. In the program we aim to develop different aspects of the Dutch language, such as speaking, reading, writing, and listening. For example, we will make a magazine (to improve writing) and talk to each other about our magazines (to improve speaking and listening to the other children).

We gather at de Basisclub with one main goal: to improve Dutch by having fun. All the children at the Theme Meetings are motivated to improve their Dutch. The meetings revolve around interacting and playing with new friends: the children they won’t even notice that they’re learning. The children don’t have to speak perfect Dutch for coming to the Basisclub, since they are all here to learn. All the teachers at the Basisclub are Dutch, which provides the opportunity for your child to interact with native Dutch speakers.

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