Dutch Club

Dutch Summer Week tiny orange

An unforgettable Dutch week to get a better grasp of the Dutch language and culture.

These Summer Weeks are intended for international children (between 7 and 13 years old) who live in the Netherlands and speak Dutch, children whose second language is Dutch and for Dutch children who live abroad. In the Summer Weeks we only speak Dutch. Hereby, the children will get more comfortable with the Dutch language and learn new words. Daily activities will be arranged around the theme of the day. The mornings are educational and the afternoons are for cultural field trips and activities. Read more...

Dutch club meetings tiny orange

A fun theme meeting to learn new words and get more confident in Dutch.

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These afternoons are intended for children with an international background (primary school age) who live in the Netherlands. Every meeting we have a ‘theme of the day’. The words we learn, the games we play and the activities we do revolve around this theme. Our motto is learning by doing and playing. This makes the language enjoyable and it increases their confidence in learning Dutch. Every child will feel comfortable with speaking Dutch in the cosy and safe environment of the Dutch Club.  Read more...


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